About Us

 I first got smitten with the knife bug when I was around 7 years old and found an old folding knife in the basement of the house that we recently moved into.  I still have that knife.  
Several years later I remember standing next to my father in the local sporting goods store in my small town watching him buy the Buck 110 folder.  I still have that knife as well.  
Both of my grandfathers used to carry little slip joint knives on a daily basis and I still have one of those in my possession.  
But it wasn’t until I was in the 1980’s when I really got into the modern era of knives.  I started off buying SOG, Gerber,Spyderco & Cold Steel Knives primarily and later became a huge fan of Al Mar knives.  

I started my Luvthemknives YouTube channel in July 2016 as well as an Instagram & Facebook page.  I started attending Shot Show in Las Vegas as well as various other knife shows and here I am.  

In 2017,  I started selling knives on my YouTube channel on a monthly basis just to sell off my various knives and flashlights so I could recoup my money and buy more knives to review on my channel. then I got requests from viewers to also include their knives in my sales and it grew to the point where it became increasingly time consuming and complicated.  

So I am now posting this ecommerce store to continue my passion for selling and buying knives that are pre-owned more efficiently. Also,  I’m providing a service to those who are also wanting to sell some of their knives! ”

Richard (Lee) Atherton

email : Luvthemknives@gmail.com